Jay Sennett |||

Scribbler’s Paradise: 100% Effort

0% expectations. 100% effort. 

Can I write this way, always?

Never think about who might read my words?

Never worried about whether I’m good enough?

Never suffering over how bad I think I might be?

Scribbling words as fast as my mind goes. writing. writing. writing.

Can I write even if I never published another essay again, ever? Maybe the blogosphere will blow up. Or I will die. 

Or worse, can I publish and publish and publish and no one reads any of it?

Can I stand the rejection?

Can I keep writing anyway?

The scribbler’s paradise means we all eat the apple. Gain knowledge. Most of it terrifying and debilitating and scary.

But still we must.

0% expectations with 100% effort.

Go. Shut down the cutting mind. The discerning mind. Write. Write. Write.

Scribble all over the page. Messy. No punctuation no grammar words words words

Pause rest one hundred percent go go gogogogogogogo







Tomorrow. 100% effort. 0% expectations.

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