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  1. You nailed it again. Why is this such a huge obstacle for people? I know that I was a “she” for almost 39 years, but I’ve been a “he” for 2 years now. Some people try but then forget, but some are downright beligerent about it. With my sister, I think it is about control. I don’t know when she’s going to realize that she isn’t going to change my mind about this. It took me this long to find myself; I’ll be damned if I’ll back into the box that she wants to put me in.
    I called some of my friends on the whole pronoun thing, and one of them said that her son had asked her the very same thing. It really is no big deal to the 21 year old son. By the way, this same person mixes up other people’s pronouns, too, not just mine.

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