Jay Sennett |||

Uncleared Curb Cuts

Uncleared curb cuts offered me a lesson last week. Walking down Geddes to Gallup Park I trekked over numerous cleared sidewalks with snow covered curb cuts.

I imagined the home owners removing the snow from their sidewalks, including down through the curb cuts. The city snow plows then came to clear the streets. The heavy blades pushed mounds of snow in front of the cleared curb cuts, effectively blocking the sidewalks.

I was reminded of the importance of revisiting completed tasks to check if circumstances had changed. Perhaps the task I thought I had completed was now in disarray, much like these now blocked sidewalks. Complete can quickly become incomplete. Without reviewing and rechecking, the thing I had done to help may be irrelevant or even counterproductive.

Check your work,” my math instructors used to teach us. Wise words both for problems and seemingly completed tasks.

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