Visit the Doctor Like a World-Class Trannie

It’s  a privilege to know that medical staff won’t refuse to treat you because your gender & genitalia match.

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  1. Yes indeed, I’m a Doctor and I live in Mexico, your site remembers me a friend whom is on the “journey” to get his/her gender (he’s a male and want to be a female); he said me that lot of Doctors refuse to see him, and even treated in a bad way… Actually I had to investigate by my own, and took several clinical courses to know about his situation, and now I’m helping him with the medical aspect… I think that in most medical schools (and I mean in the world not just in Mexico) there’s a lack in sensibility, empathy and respect to the patient, and that gender dysphoria is a situation that requires help and support that in a great way we HAVE to give… Keep on going!
    Saludos y mucha suerte!!!

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