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Web Realignment: Feeling Naked or the Beginner’s Mind

All my old posts have been moved from the wordpress archive to the wordpress trashcan. From 1700+ comments, I now have one. From over 800 posts, I now have 26.

I feel today, now, like I did in 2005 when I first started a blog on Moveable Type. Now I am a beginner again. With beginner’s mind, I am open to many more possibilities.

In beginner’s mind we have many possibilities, but in expert mind there is not much possibility.  So in our practice it is important to resume to our original mind, or inmost mind, which we, ourselves — even we, ourselves do not know what it is.  This is the most important thing for us.  The founder of our school emphasized this point.  We have to remain always beginner’s mind. ~  Shunryu Suzuki

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