Web Realignment: (Re)Writing My About Page, a Stub

Despite thinking about myself all the time, I have a hard time writing my About page. As I was writing in my journal this came out:

At some level I am free-spirited. I love zipping around in my Miata convertible in the middle of a midwestern winter with the top down the heat on and the radio blasting. I mean seriously, life is short. No point in being in a heated car when a the bracing wind is available. I forget that I am free spirited because I have this job that is very customer service oriented (which I am not, by the way) and I’ve had to bring every focusing skill I can muster to this job. I’ve learned about who I am, what I am made of and what people are really, really looking for in this world. People want someone to listen to them, and touch their heart. Even in my lowly job, I can do that. When someone is frustrated or unhappy, I can blow them off, which I used to but now I know I can acknowledge their frustration and seek to remedy the situation. Most people are like an empty boat. It’s heading right for me but no one is navigating it. By not paying attention, people just get caught up in their own difficulties. I used to feed into those difficulties by acting like a jerk. I mean really. I acted like I had better things to do, that I was just waiting for a really important job to come along. In this job,” I thought and acted, I’m not living up to my potential.”