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Transgender Super Hero/ine Asks: What Do You Know About Gender?

Cartoon super hero asks what do you know about my gender?

We need transsexual and transgender superheroes.

That realization prompted me to spend time honing my drawing skills, something I had neglected to do when I began cartooning in 2006. Cartooning became my primary visual outlet for about five years, at which time I stopped doing it. But I have created a body of work which makes me smile even today, and even given how badly I drew many cartoons.

When I realized we needed transsexual and transgender superheroes and super heroines, I wanted to do justice to my imaginary figures for justice. The cartoon above represents one result.

We can’t rely on other non-transgender people to create our images and art and words for us. We have to do it ourselves. My attempts fail greatly, obviously.

I hope that by sharing my work with you, more talented gender queer people will be motivated to create and share their own work.

A google search for transsexual or transgender returns pages offering definitions by trans supportive organizations or articles by mainstream magazines, publications that want to get clicks, motivating them to publish pieces directed at nontransgender audiences (“Transgender Men See Sexism from Both Sides”).

My work seeks to change this reality. If we create more and publish and share more on all social media platforms, we will eventually dominate the first page of search returns.

I probably won’t succeed. One of us will, eventually. I’m happy to do my part to roll the boulder along. If you create, please publish and share, and help us move the boulder forward.

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