Where’s the Privilege?

Doing my part to uphold the binary gender system!

[Note: Panel 1 and Panel 2 are meant to go together. In order ;-P]

[Update May 21, 2007: I will be reposting all my cartoons so that I can update them to reflect the reading habits of people with visual impairments or learning disabilities that require them to use a screen reader. I’m also updating the cartoons to allow readers who primarily read in any language other than English to use the Tarzana translation plugin.]


Panel 1.

[In Panel 1 the first frame is titled Jay in the World” and depicts a stick figure drawn using the letters from the word privilege. An arrow points to the figure and the text reads, Jay in the world.” Jay says, Women dig me! Me! Me! Me! It’s all about me! I’m a victim too you know? Past as a woman?!? What past? Women are weird! White dudes rock!” An arrow points to the stick figure’s crotch with text that reads Big Package Here.” In the next frame the title reads An SUV flattens our hero” and Jay is underneath a tire with the word SPLAT written in big red letters.“]

Jay gets screwed

Panel 2.

[Panel 2 is one frame. The title reads The EMTs arrive.” (Emergency Medical Technicians). The first EMT is a stick figure with a blue triangular body and he says, Dude this is a woman!” The second EMT, also with a triangular body, says, Yeah, let’s go get some donuts!” Jay lays on the ground with xs for eyes and his tongue hanging out and a solid red face. Arrows point to three places. The text at the end of the arrows reads: Jay’s privilege? Choose your favorite orifice!”]