Jay Sennett |||

Huge Gift for Transsexuals: Love

Ms. H. and Jay captured in a wide closeup. Shot with a Canon 60D by Jay Sennett

Dear transgender, transsexual and gender queer people:

Love your lover.

Even when you want to hate it, turn away from it, or worse, crush it, love your lover’s love for you.

If they tell you you’re hot, believe them.

If they tell you you’re beautiful, thank them.

Express gratitude that you live in a time and space in which you can manifest yourself in such a moving and unique way. It isn’t guaranteed to all.

Love hard, love true, love long.

One day who and what you love will be gone. They or you will be dead. The slights and hates and frustrations won’t matter.

Tell the ones you love how much - and why - you love them.

More than they need to hear it, you need to say it.

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