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Jay Sennett
Today We Recycled the New Telephone Book Mar 16, 2013 Writing Today we recycled the new telephone book. We didn’t even open it. This version was a beleaguered stepchild of the gargantuan books of my childhood: It’s My Job to Pick Up the Trash Mar 15, 2013 Writing It’s my job to pick up the trash. After years of claiming to be a social justice activist, I cannot expect to end oppression if I expect other Random Acts of Kindness in a Pink, Ruffled Shirt Mar 14, 2013 Writing is another excerpt in my memoir. To read other excerpts, please go here. _________________________ The Adverb is Not Your Friend Mar 13, 2013 Writing The adverb is not your friend. I have shared that advice with countless writers in my capacity as a publisher. Most of them understand what I am Love and Chronic Illness Mar 12, 2013 Link & Writing Our newest release at Homofactus Press, A Life Less Convenient. Boy Howdy! Am I pleased! As punch, as they say. YNAB - You Need a Budget Mar 11, 2013 Writing You Need a Budget (YNAB) changed how I handle money, and it no small measure, changed my life. I found YNAB after trying Excel spreadsheets, a Next page