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Jay Sennett
Web Realignment: Then and Now Oct 17, 2011 Writing These are screen grabs of my old site, the one I trashed. Compared to the space I am creating now, the older one feels loud to me. The use of the Web Realignment: (re)Writing My About Page, a Stub, Part 2 Oct 15, 2011 Writing I am currently passionate about releasing the many accumulated computer applications, online digital accounts, clothes, art supplies and other Intentional Practice: Goodbye to All That iPhone Email Oct 14, 2011 writing Activating 2-step verification for my gmail account as a result of reading about how one woman’s gmail account got hacked (hat tip to Gwen Bell for Web Realignment: Feeling Naked or the Beginner’s Mind Oct 13, 2011 Writing All my old posts have been moved from the wordpress archive to the wordpress trashcan. From 1700+ comments, I now have one. From over 800 posts, I Web Realignment: (re)Writing My About Page, a Stub Oct 12, 2011 Writing Despite thinking about myself all the time, I have a hard time writing my About page. As I was writing in my journal this came out: At some level I Radical Acceptance: Being Here Now, The Hater Edition Oct 11, 2011 Writing “Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body.” ~ James Joyce Yesterday morning, I reduced to one all the iphone apps I used to read while Next page