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Radical Acceptance: My Work - Novel Writing Oct 21, 2011 Writing Today I added a new category to this website: novel writing. Last month I signed up to participate in National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to Bad Weather is Bad Preparation Oct 19, 2011 Writing Today it has rained all day, with nice windy gusts, too. Here’s what weather.com has to say about our Midwest weather: Strong winds and rain will Web Realignment: Then and Now Oct 17, 2011 Writing These are screen grabs of my old site, the one I trashed. Compared to the space I am creating now, the older one feels loud to me. The use of the Web Realignment: (re)Writing My About Page, a Stub, Part 2 Oct 15, 2011 Writing I am currently passionate about releasing the many accumulated computer applications, online digital accounts, clothes, art supplies and other Intentional Practice: Goodbye to All That iPhone Email Oct 14, 2011 writing Activating 2-step verification for my gmail account as a result of reading about how one woman’s gmail account got hacked (hat tip to Gwen Bell for Web Realignment: Feeling Naked or the Beginner’s Mind Oct 13, 2011 Writing All my old posts have been moved from the wordpress archive to the wordpress trashcan. From 1700+ comments, I now have one. From over 800 posts, I Next page