Transgender People: Your Unconditional Right to Creativity

Dear Transsexual, Transgender and Gender Queer People:

Creativity is your birthright.

Paint. Draw. Sing. Dance. Write. Photograph. Perform.

Find an outlet and pursue it.

Make it yours and yours alone.

Schedule it like an appointment. Guard the time with your life.

So much gets taken from us and returned as overdrawn accounts.

Your creative pursuits will make deposits into these overdrawn accounts.

Your creative pursuits will teach you the you that creates transcends gender and race and all identities.

Your creative pursuits will provide you a growing well of self-esteem.

Your creative pursuits will give you a space in which to make sense of all the insensible things you face, day to day, everyday.

You are unique and have a voice and an expression you must fine and hone, and if we’re lucky, share.

Creativity is your birthright. Don’t concede it. Ever.