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Jay Sennett
We, The Transsexuals Nov 5, 2018 Writing We grew up feeling different, out of sorts with our bodies. We just knew we were one way. Despite what family and church and doctors might say. It’s Scribbler’s Paradise: 100% Effort Nov 4, 2018 Scribblers Paradise 0% expectations. 100% effort.  Can I write this way, always? Never think about who might read my words? Never worried about whether I’m good enough? You: A Transsexual Love Story Nov 3, 2018 Writing To my dearest, dearest transsexual family, Remember the time you felt a moment of rest, a pause, your body relaxing just ever so much, noticed by Sincerely, Your Transgender Friend Nov 2, 2018 Transgender Dear Eraserhead, I checked this morning in the mirror, and guess what? I’m still here. At least as far as I can tell, I appear no more effaced, When a Beta Reader Says No Nov 1, 2018 Scribblers Paradise The manuscript, a second volume of my ongoing memoir series, was done and sent to my beta readers. I felt so proud, constructing essays using some Do I Write What I Want to Read? Oct 3, 2018 Writing The words read flatly and stunk out loud. A kind of slow-moving gloom descended over me. What had happened to this essay? I worked on it for weeks Next page